The Chocolate Museum


Visit a unique place in Terrasson in Périgord


The chocolate, this magic product we think we know …

Valter BOVETTI, chocolate craftsman, has created the chocolate museum to make you discover all from the magic product that is cocoa from the cocoa bean to the making of the chocolate that you will see.
All the children will make their own chocolate  moulding.

At the end of the tour, children and adults discover the flavours with the tasting of single origins of chocolate and several specialties of the chocolate factory.


You can make a stop at the shop to bring back delicious souvenirs and sweet presents.



To discover all the range of Bovetti chocolates
click here.



 Aperitif chocolates


Rosemary leaves, aniseed, coriander, fennel and mustard seeds coated with chocolate and elected "innovating product" at SIAL Paris in 2006.
These chocolates can be used for the aperitif or for cooking...




The chocolate Bars

A very unique range of chocolate bars...


More then 150 different bars with fruit,  spices, flower petals, and also single Origins and a range of organic chocolate bars.