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History of the chocolate factory

Valter Bovetti, an artisan craftsman exploring new regions and flavours, lives in his workshop in Terrasson Lavilledieu (24) a lasting passion and 100% cocoa, the source of true delights appreciated in nearly 40 countries around the world.

Behind its success lie a passionate work and a unique fantasy: Valter Bovetti likes to play with its raw materials, combining cocoa and "local" products: Périgord walnuts, Guérande salt, Espelette chilli pepper, Piedmont hazelnut...
Valter's taste revolution is in constant motion. No wonder that today he intends to take up a new challenge: to make eat chocolate from aperitif to dessert!

Here is his story...

Once upon a time… Valter Bovetti

Valter Bovetti where the chocolate road is seeded with innovation such as nail maked of chocolate, from Piedmont to Perigord.

The artisan chocolate maker Valter Bovetti shares his Italian-Piemontese origins with personalities as different as the writer Umberto Eco, the singer Umberto Tozzi or the philosopher Primo Levi. Coming from a family of restaurateurs, he immersed himself in the culinary arts at a very young age, particularly on Sundays when he helped out in the family establishment "da Cesare" (named after his father Caesar). Those roots will never leave him. You have to discover the Bovetti child to learn about the Valter man.

Before becoming the cocoa artist based in the Périgord that we know today, Valter Bovetti has experienced many stories... Initially an inventive pastry and biscuit maker, he claimed from the outset, above any other label, the one of gastronome.
Deeply in love with the quality of products and the balance of senses, he seeks day and night for new associations. He finds it in the multiplicity of tastes and aromas offered by nature, in particular in the inspiring substance chocolate.


Cuneo (Italie)

1985 was a defining year for Valter Bovetti, when, at the age of 27, he left his native Piedmont for France. He finally realized his dream in 1994 by opening his chocolate factory in Aubazine in the heart of the Corrèze. We don't know what drove him, one day that same year, to design chocolate nails and tools.

These original creations were realized with the help of a prototype machine of 20 meters long, a strange bike elaborated in his garage, which will propel his famous nails into the famous Hédiard’s grocer’s shelves.
The chocolate version of the ironwork will only be the start of a road dusted with delicious stories of innovation. In 2002, the large-format Bovetti chocolate factory that we know today opened in Terrasson, in the Dordogne, with its workshop, shop and chocolate museum grouped together on the same site.

In order to strengthen his knowledge of cocoa, Valter Bovetti regularly goes out into the field to meet the farmers. Sponsor of 2 plantations in Sao-Tome, he also recently visited Santo Domingo and Mexico.

Bovetti chocolate factory

As you enter the workshop where Valter Bovetti runs his production, assisted by two chocolate makers and two apprentices, you are sure to spend hours, step by step, under the charm of the artisan chocolate maker. Scents and aromas invade us, an aura of greediness envelopes us: the imaginary and the know-how of Bovetti are worth to be savoured from the inside.

In this chocolate factory with a studious atmosphere, the traditional artisan gesture has its place. Nevertheless, ultra-modern, high-performance production tools ensure that the products comply with strict European health and safety standards. Here the production lines for bars and spreads stand side by side with copper coating machines representing the oldest coating technique used in confectionery.

Innovation is always at the heart of the Bovetti chocolate factory, which has been rewarded several times at international trade fairs for its Cocoa Pasta (2004), its Real Spread (2006) but also for its Chocolate Aperitifs (2003).

Bovetti's creations are currently exported to nearly 40 countries, representing 45% of its turnover.

Some great chocolate dates


Valter Bovetti, foie gras, chocolate and nuts and nuts and nuts

Creation of the Christmas Walnut, a kernel coated with white chocolate, packed in a metal box generally used for packaging foie gras.
Homage from Italy to the Perigord...


Valter Bovetti and his fondue minute

If the Chocolate Fondue has now become part of the culinary mores, we owe the «2 minutes stopwatch» version to Valter Bovetti.
From the latter, Valter will boast the gourmet merits until the Chocolate Show in New York...


Valter Bovetti against palm oil

Development of the «Real Spread» made with healthy ingredients and an incomparable hazelnut flavour. The first and only one made with real chocolate pure cocoa butter. Signed Bovetti, to the health of all gourmands…


Valter Bovetti gets down to business

Creation of Cocoa Pasta, an invention that will be voted «SIAL 2004 Innovation Product».
Pasta, yes, but Bovetti...


Valter Bovetti and the chocolate window

Creation of an innovative packaging with a cut-out that reveals chocolate bars with multiple aromatic inclusions.
The invention today highlights more than 140 references.


Valter Bovetti and the chocolate aperitif

Amazing appetizer chocolates, you have to have tasted them to be convinced and become a fan.
You breathe the scent of rosemary, coriander, aniseed, mustard, you are not mistaken those are the ingredients used in Bovetti chocolate to enhance the aperitif virtues.


Valter Bovetti and the beauty chocolate

Who else than the tireless Valter Bovetti could have thought of creating chocolate-based cosmetics?
A partnership with Sothys (a leader in professional aesthetics as well as its neighbour) will consolidate this inspiration.


Valter Bovetti and the melting spoon

Do you like hot chocolate? Like Marie-Antoinette, reinvigorate yourself with a smoking elixir of pure origin. It's easy; Bovetti has imagined a heart of chocolate attached to the tip of a small wooden spoon. Just dip it in a cup of hot milk, stir gently until it fully melts and enjoy it to the last drop.


Valter Bovetti frees diabetics

Because gluttony is the sin most shared in the world, Valter Bovetti intends to make it accessible to diabetics with the launch of a range of bars and a spread without risk for their balance.


Valter Bovetti throws you everything but smoke and mirrors

With this extremely fine cocoa powder with exceptional aromas, Valter Bovetti transports you to the heart of your childhood, to the time of happy snacks and comforting hot chocolates.


Valter Bovetti and his amazing chocolate parenthesis

«Le Napolitain», an unmissable little sweet note to accompany your coffee, reinvents itself and becomes «Le Mini Carré». Valter Bovetti invites you on an astonishing journey of flavours and colours: an enchanting interlude, transforming your daily breaks into irresistible «carrés» breaks...


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