Health and Nutrition

Health and Nutrition

Here’s good health for a long time to come!

Until the early 19th century, chocolate was known more for its medicinal properties than for pure enjoyment. In 1547, a Franciscan monk, looking into local traditions in South America, came across a claim by indigenous inhabitants that ground cocoa beans were able to decrease fever and cure liver ailements.

When introduced to France in the early seventeenth century, chocolate was a rare and expensive commodity mainly used to coat pills in order to conteract their bitterness. Thanks to the discovery of its therapeutic properties, sometimes considered miraculous, it was soon being used for colds, chest and stomach ailments.

By the time an apothecary in Boston began to sell chocolate in 1712, the beans from the cocoa tree were considered to be a medicine in the same way as it was across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe.

The belief in its efficiency was reinforced during the Industrial Revolution with the ongoing development of scientific knowledge. In the nineteenth century the active ingredients of chocolate were not only found to be a stimulant and tonic but also effective in the prevention of parasitic infections and venereal disease, along with all sorts of other aches and pains. So, quoting from a gazzette from 1820 “If things continue as they are all pharmacists’ drugs will come to the attention of the chocolate manufacturers and each disease might well have its own special chocolate. In the future, doctors may well find themselves prescribing medicinal chocolates to their patients instead of pills or potions ...".

In addition, chocolate, a nourishing tonic, became the favourite snack of men of letters. Balzac believed that chocolate enhanced brain function. Goethe, as a great traveller, said: "Whoever drinks a cup of chocolate will better withstand a day of travelling."Finally, chocolate as a stimulant and aphrodisiac with its delicious taste and its reputation for therapeutic properties, has continued to strengthen over the centuries.


Chocolate & cosmetic

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Beauty and chocolate

Valter Bovetti is diversifiing, expanding into cosmetics and beauty products.

The moisturizing, toning and regenerative properties of cocoa butter make it an extremely effective beauty treatment. This new line is being exclusively created for Bernard Cassière of the SOTHYS Group.

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