A great Story

A genious story

Bovetti celebrates 20 years of stories

Photo1 A great Story

All the delights of the company are made from pure chocolate cocoa butter, without the any vegetable fat or soy lecithin. Valter Bovetti wants to fulfill this highly qualitative will for all his creations. Thus, each ingredient is carefully selected to reveal all the flavors of the chocolate : Perigord walnuts, Fleur de sel (the best of sea salt) from Guérande, Chili from Espelette , caramel from Ré island, hazelnuts from Piedmont, Sicilian almonds ... The Bovetti “grand cru” only  allow  excellent company.

In 2008, Valter Bovetti created its range both organic and fairtrade certified thanks to an outstanding “grand cru” chocolate from Santo Domingo. This range is more and more popular and counts now with 23 different flavors of chocolate bars, 5 chocolate spreads, mouldings for children…

Exported all around the world (Australia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Belgium, China,Kazakhstan, Japan… 37 countries  in total), Bovetti chocolates have already affected the taste buds of hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Valter Bovetti

Photo2 A great Story

The chocolatier master Valter Bovetti shares with personalities as different as the writer Umberto Eco, the singer Umberto Tozzi or the philosopher Primo Levi,   its origins from the Italian Piedmont. Coming from a family of restaurateurs, Valter Bovetti learnt Italian cuisine including pasta making when he was a child. All Sundays long, he was helping his father in the kitchen rolling gnocchi , cutting ravioli, flouring tagliatelle & other pasta specialties cooked in the family  restaurant named  "da Cesare" (The name of his father Caesar). He will never forget these origins. You must discover the child Bovetti to know the man Valter.

Before becoming the artist of Cocoa settled in Périgord, Valter Bovetti has experienced many stories ... At first , First inventive pastry and biscuit chef, he has claimed from the beginning  to be labelled as a gastronome. Deeply quality-lover, he is looking night and day for some new combinations and the balance of the senses. He finds them  in the diverstiy of the tastes and flavors offered by nature, in the secret palette of the inspiring chocolate substance ...

1985 was a determining year for Valter Bovetti. 27 year old he left his native Piedmont to settle in France. He finally made his dream coming true in 1994 by opening its chocolate factory in Aubazine in Correze. No one knows why this same year he began producing chocolate nails and tools…

Theses original creations made on a strange prototype machine 20 meters long that he developed in his garage sent his nails to the shelves of  the famous French  grocer Hediard. His attraction for the chocolate flavored ironwork will only be the beginning of a road sprinkled of  delicious stories of innovations. In 2002, the Bovetti chocolate factory opened in Terrasson, Dordogne with the production area, a shop and even a museum together on the same location.

With a preference for cocoa beans from 3 origins that are Ecuador, Ghana and Papua, Valter Bovetti often visits his “partner” plantations. It allows him to select rigorously its raw material. He also wants to control personally  the processing methods practiced in the producing countries and understand better the life of the planters.

In 2006, Valter Bovetti sponsored two plantations in Sao Tome, a former Portuguese colony offshore Gabon also named the Chocolate island. In 2014, he visited  his own small suppliers from Santo Domingo to know the reality in place and check where the income of fairtrade goes to.

Valter Bovetti comes from his trips each time more motivated in suprising us and treat us to new gourmet adventures…

1996Valter Bovetti

Foie gras, chocolate and nuts...

Creation of the “Christmas walnuts”, a Perigord walnut coated with white chocolate packed in a canister usually used for conditioning foie gras. A tribute from Italy to Périgord…

1999Valter Bovetti

and his chocolate fondue ready in 2 minutes

If the chocolate fondue has now entered the culinary traditions, we owe to Valter Bovetti the “2 minutes flat” version. Valter Bovetti realeased it at the Chocolate Show in New York...

2003Valter Bovetti

against palm oil

Development of a spread made only with healthy ingredients and an unmachted nutty flavor. The first and only one made with real pure chocolate cocoa butter. Signed Bovetti, cheers for all those fond of good food.

2004Valter Bovetti

creates a range of pasta

New products straight away awarded by a professional jury as “2014 innovation” at Sial Paris.

2005Valter Bovetti

And the “chocolate window”

Creation of an innovative packaging with a window that allows to see the multiple aromatic inclusions
on more than 100 different flavours of chocolate bars.

2006Valter Bovetti

And the chocolate as an aperitif

Amazing appetizers chocolates. You need to taste them to believe it and become a fervent fan.
You are note mistaken, you will breathe the scent of rosemary, coriander, anise, mustard that are the ingredients that Bovetti chocolates extols the virtues.

2007Valter Bovetti

And the beauty chocolate

Who else but the tireless Valter Bovetti could think about creating cosmetic treatments based on chocolate?
A partnership with Sothys (leader in professional cosmetics in institutes and and incidentally his neighbor in Brive)
will consolidate this inspiration.

2012Valter Bovetti

And the melting spoon

Do you love hot chocolate ?
As Marie Antoinette, reinvigorate yourself with a steaming elixir of pure origin. It's easy. Bovetti imagined a chocolate heart attached to a small wooden spoon. Just soak it in a cup of hot milk and stir gently until complete melting of this sweetest sin.

2014To celebrate his 20th Birthday,

Bovetti chocolates release 3 exclusivities

These three products sold from September 2014 in gourmet shops and delicatessens departements of homestyle, tableware shops and garden centers are already part of the Bovetti story until the next episode …

2014Valter Bovetti

The remake of nails

The man who hammered a nail to set the scene of a renewed history releases again his nails to give a wink to the beginning of the company.

2014Valter Bovetti

Used to make chocolate with children who like to meet him in his museum-workshop, the “Maitre chocolatier” invites them to discover its last creations specially for them : round lollipops with 3D dressed animals.

2014Valter Bovetti

liberates the diabetics

Because greed is the sin the most shared in the world, Valter Bovetti wants to make it reachable to diabetic people with the launch of a range of bars and a spread without any risk to their balance.

2015 Valter Bovetti

Extremely fine cocoa powder

Dedicate yourself to this unsweetened pure origin cocoa powder, coming from exceptional origins. It turns out to be a rare taste dimension thanks to the quality of slowly roasted beans. Its subtle flavor is round in the mouth without any bitterness. Its amber color promises heartwarming times that will remind you your childhood hot chocolates.

Add it to milk and bring to a boil while stirring to reveal all the flavors of this product.