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Photo Fair of MAISON&OBJET at Villepinte from the 8th up to the 12th of September 2017

Bovetti Chocolats takes part in this fair.

Maison & Objet is the major event for professionals in the art of living in the richness of its expressions. The exhibition brings together the art of living a product range to 360 °. Decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, universe of the child, tableware ... The styles coexist on the mode of the cross over the original set designs that animate the spaces. An extraordinary diversity in line with the variety of needs of global markets. At each session, the great platform of lifestyle, at the intersection of business and creativity reveals solutions tailored to visitors from around the world in search of singularity.

Photo Fair of Roaster at Nantes on 17and 18 September 2017

Bovetti Chocolats take part in this event in which over 400 brands (roasts and delicatessens) through the doors to meet more than a hundred exhibitors.

A success by increasing attendance and animations Contest Best Roaster of France and Best Blend Espresso baristas animations as well as the various stands of exhibitors ...

Photo Fair of Gourmet Food and Wine at Porte de Versailles (Paris) 24 & 25 september 2017

Bovetti Chocolats takes part in this event:

Since 2009, GOURMET SELECTION itself as the only trade fair that offers a range of high-value dedicated to selective or specialized distribution channels, to gourmet corners and also commercial catering.
GOURMET SELECTION is the living room of all discoveries, the benchmark for high-value food and lifestyle around gastronomy.
SELECT GOURMET fair is a unique opportunity to showcase the products that we will soon be back in delicatessens, confectionery, tea shops, chocolatiers, wineries, creameries / dairies and in art shops to live, specialized corners of supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

Bovetti Chocolats takes part to this show :

Anuga is the world's largest and most important food and beverage fair — for new markets and target groups, for all the trends and themes and, above all, for first-rate contacts and business deals. Beginning on 5 October, 6,777 suppliers exhibited here in Cologne, representing a further increase on the figure for 2011. The fair occupied the entire exhibition centre, which is the fifth largest in the world.














The shop and the museum will be open saturday afternoon15 of august.

Opening hours:

- Shop : 14h00 - 18h00
- Museum : 14h00 - 17h15

Spread pasta Bovetti, rapeseed oil, nuts, sugar, cocoa, good chocolate taste without palm oil.
Find the full report in the link below.

Photo Bovetti a success 100% cacao

In Terrasson, Valter and Marie-Estelle Bovetti run their traditional chocolate created there twenty years. Their catalog with 300 references, is not their only asset.

Twice a day, it rains in the Bovetti chocolate Terrasson. Finally, in the greenhouse adjacent to the museum cocoa. Moisture is vital to this amazing tropical plant whose fruits grow on the trunk and limbs. "It's a magic tree" whispers Mary Estelle Bovetti.

The magic of chocolate, it's been twenty years since her husband, Valter, practice successfully. Born into a family of cooks Italian Piedmont, he became chocolatier in 1994, after being restorer and biscuit. His chocolate was born in Corrèze. There are twelve, Bovetti have moved to Terrasson, to enjoy the tourist attractions of the Dordogne.

A large shop, a museum which houses 20,000 people annually, offices, a laboratory and a production workshop, all on 500m² 2: the company has doubled in size in 2012. It employs 12 people and seasonal.

350 tons of product origins controlled

The catalog includes nearly 300 products, all pure cocoa butter, including 140 kinds of tablets, with fruit inclusions, spices, flowers, decorated and packed by hand.

The 10 kinds of spreads do not contain vegetable fat but 40% of hazelnuts, always Italian. "We are very vigilant about the origin of products," says Marie-Estelle Bovetti, business manager. Sea salt comes from Guerande, Espelette pepper, walnuts of Périgord. And cocoa from Ghana, Papua, São Tomé, Ecuador. And Santo Domingo for the range certified organic fair trade (Max Havelaar label). "No way to buy cocoa in the Ivory Coast. It is much cheaper, but the children working in plantations as slaves "advanced Marie-Estelle Bovetti, whose husband went to Santo Domingo verify its suppliers destination of income from fair trade.

Bovetti produces 350 tons of goods and made 3.8 million euros in turnover, 35% export to 37 countries (United States, Germany, Australia, Japan, Switzerland ...).

Valter Bovetti is constantly innovate for the 20 years of the brand, has launched a range of diabetic tablets and lollipops. He also remade his chocolate nails packed, created in 1994. They rub the shelves (organic shops, delicatessens, garden centers, some large retailers) his other inventions beer and pasta cocoa, spices chocolate covered for aperitif or kitchen, chocolate cosmetics developed with Sothys, leader of the professional aesthetic (and neighbor Brive), etc. Creations repeatedly praised in the Agri-Food Innovation Show.

Photo Terrasson: the chocolate Valter Bovetti develops a spread with walnuts

In his native Italy, Valter kept focus and good eating culture. "If you do not like me, I do not do," he says. Testing, it is constantly. Some are successful, others not. For several years he was testing a spread to the nuts. But the result did not satisfy him. Today, he found the right dosage, good quality nuts. "The nut is much more delicate and balanced taste."
In a few days we can find at Terrasson store, a unique spread batter in the world. Made of Périgord walnuts, it will be available in two flavors: dark chocolate or milk chocolate and combine the virtues of cocoa butter and nuts (omega 3).
A batter into line with that for years he manufactures, hazelnut. Quality ingredients for "gourmet products". Valter Bovetti was the first to put chocolate in her dough. "40% of hazelnut, chocolate, cocoa butter, sugar and a little canola oil for the texture." He never used palm oil that is without taste value. "Of course, palm oil is very easy to work, much more than the cocoa butter which is sensitive to temperature changes. It is five to seven times less expensive. But for me, what matters most is the taste and quality. Moreover, this policy pays spreads since our pulp production increased from about 100,000 to 500,000 pots pots this year. "
The Bovetti chocolate also attracted a chain of supermarkets. "When they told us they wanted to distribute our products, I told them it was not for them, it was too expensive. But they insisted. The negotiations were very long and we accepted their proposal. For now, the name of Bovetti does not appear on the packaging but it will change. They wish they trusted us and the products distributed in their stores are the same quality as those found here »

Photo The Bovetti chocolate prosperity

The Bovetti chocolate just completed expansion work that double its surface (2500 m²).

In addition to production, which has more space, the chocolate museum now has a greenhouse where cocoa trees allow to believe in the tropics. The party sale has received a complete makeover, with wooden installations that highlight the wide range of products offered for direct sale.

After a film explaining the plantations, the visitor discovers stagings that show pods collecting, processing, and industrial machines, prominently, the first: that which, transformed by Valter Bovetti, allowed him to create chocolate nails. A real set design is also available since we can observe, behind glass, the work of employees on new manufacturing lines alongside copper turbines (the oldest technique used in confectionery coating).

A wide range
Valter Bovetti was first cook and has worked in biscuit. His taste for chocolate work and inventiveness led him to create his chocolate factory in Corrèze in 1994, before settling in Terrasson in 2002. Since then, production has continued to develop, with a wide range of artisanal chocolate bars (fruits, flowers, spices, seeds and even for diabetics), pasta (with mushrooms, herbs) and aperitif chocolates (rosemary leaves, coriander seeds, anise and mustard chocolate covered).

For Christmas, there are fresh fruit filled candies. On arrival in Terrasson, Valter Bovetti created the Périgord walnuts and got the idea from the Chocolate Museum, which received more than 20,000 visitors since.

The expansion, become necessary against the development of sales (the company exports to 40 countries), remains a concern for the entrepreneur. Indeed, while it has doubled in size, its imposition is multiplied by four. However, he recruited three people (two in learning) and full of ideas for new creations to delight the taste buds of its customers.