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The bovetti commitment

Valter Bovetti is a man of commitment who is always looking for the highest quality. The chocolate maker wishes to offer the very best by using only first-class ingredients and by perpetuating the tradition of old-fashioned chocolate.

Valter Bovetti's commitment also means respect for people, for cocoa producers (Fair Trade). As a true field man, he regularly travels to producing countries to discuss not only about the products, but also about the working and living conditions of the farmers. To date, he is sponsor of 2 plantations (Sao Tome).
With Valter, it's simple: there is no compromise; there is no cheating with cocoa, the planet and the consumers. Nature is fragile, if we want to enjoy its benefits; it is up to all of us to take care of it...

Bovetti ethical and gourmet commitment


When you create, according to the Bovetti chocolate maker, you do not copy! Otherwise what's the point? For example, the day he developed his "Real" spread recipe, it was inconceivable to attempt to duplicate his competitors', famous or not. His spread had to be natural, strong in hazelnut and texture... A unique taste made in Bovetti 0% palm oil... obviously.




Valter Bovetti was the first to propose bars with inclusions of hazelnuts, almonds and flowers packed in a case with a cut out window revealing the chocolate. An ethical packaging focused on the aesthetic and gustatory quality of chocolate, for even more greedy pleasure.



With a preference for cocoa beans from the three origins of Ecuador, Ghana and Papua, the chocolate maker Valter Bovetti regularly undertakes frequent trips to the heart of the cocoa plantations to enrich his practice and above all to strengthen his passion for chocolate. His visits to partner plantations allow him to select his raw material rigorously. He is also keen to ensure personally the quality of the transformation methods used in the producer countries in order to better understand the life of the planters. He exchanges with them, tries to better understand the impact of fair trade on these smallholders.

In 2006, Valter Bovetti thus sponsored two plantations in Sao Tome, or "Chocolate Island", a former Portuguese colony off the coast of Gabon. In 2014 and 2016, he visited his suppliers in Santo Domingo and Mexico in order to learn about the reality on the ground and to verify the destination of fair trade revenues. Valter Bovetti returns each time from these expeditions even more determined to surprise us and delight us with new adventures...


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