Chocolate Bars

We were the first to produce bars with inclusions and packaged in a box with a window that let see the chocolate. Our models have been patented in 2006 and any use of this type of packaging that creates confusion is similar to copying, counterfeiting or economic parasitism.

Chocolate bars (100g):

An outstanding range of more than 140 different bars in dark, white and milk chocolate:

With spices: Cinnamon, Ginger, Sichuan Pepper, Espelette chili… With fruits: Banana, Cherries, Cranberries, Strawberries, Hazelnuts, candied Oranges, Pistachio… With flowers: Poppy flower, Jasmine, Rose, Violet & also Caramel and Fleur de Sel (sea salt), Honey, Maple sugar, Cocoa beans … And the special “Events” for Valentine's day, Christmas, Easter…

I-Pad size / Chocolate bars (350g):

New : large size bars special for gift.

Chocolate bars (25g & 50g):

The successful BOVETTI chocolate bars are also available in 50g and 25g. More specially dedicated to hotels for presents in rooms or in mini bar service, for coffee shops for snacking, for basket gifts… The fruity, flowery and spicy flavours are available in forty different flavours.

"Elle est à croquer":

A range of chocolate bars 75 g in dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate with colorful labels.

Mini chocolate bars:

The moment of drinking coffee will never be the same with these mini chocolate squares which reinvent the Neapolitan : Coffee, Cinnamon, Caramel & Fleur de sel (sea salt), Cocoa beans, Mint, Coconut, Poppy seeds, Chili, Earl Grey Tea…

Véritable® Spreads

Our spreads are unique on the market. The recipe is made with wholesome ingredients and a unique flavor of hazelnuts and «real» chocolate cocoa butter. They have been the subject of several national and international newspapers or magazines articles and rewards (SIAL Innovation). The Véritable Spread comes in three flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate caramel & “fleur de sel” with 40% of hazelnuts from Italy carefully selected.

Our Véritable® spread & its unique recipe also exists now in individual «portion» 30g for gourmet breakfasts in hotels, cafes & restaurants & in 1Kg.

The "mendiants"

The famous traditional Christmas dessert in Provence recreated by BOVETTI with these small very festive squares of chocolate covered of with very coloured and tasty dried fruits; hazelnuts, pistachio nuts, grapes, cranberries, apricots, almonds...

The “mendiants” arise from the tradition, originally religious, from 13 desserts of Provence. They were offers to the guests after the mass. The desserts were 13 as Jesus Christ and his12 apostles.

Véritable® Chocolate fondue

A delicious dessert, 100 % chocolate for 4 to 6 persons ready to eat in two minutes in a microwave oven. You do not have more than to dip fruits inside. Also available : “Christmas fondue” with white chocolate.

Véritable® Cocoa powder

A pure cocoa powder to make an exceptional drinking chocolate.

Coated chocolates

A range of dried and candied fruits coated in chocolate: Walnuts from Perigord covered with dark or white chocolate, Almonds, Hazelnuts with milk or dark chocolate, Candied Oranges and raisins with Sauternes with dark chocolate.

Aperitif chocolates

Coriander, Fennel, pink peppercorns, Aniseed, Espelette Chili & Rosemary leaves covered with chocolate are part of this range of chocolate for APERITIF. Awarded “SIAL Paris Innovation” in 2006, these spices coated with chocolate were created to accompany a glass of wine or champagne as an aperitif or used in cooking: on a meat or fish just before serving, in a salad, on ice cream or sorbet at the end of meals.

Hand painted Moldings

A wide range of traditional moldings all made and painted by hand. The decorations are made with a brush with natural dyes and cocoa butter.


Chocolate molds: This concept was born in our Chocolate museum. At the end of the tour, all the children make their own molding they bring back home. These small figures or animals are sold in their original mold that kids can reuse and collect. A dozen of models are available including some for Easter (rabbit, duck and chicken) or Christmas (snowman, Santa Claus and bear).

Bio - Fair Trade Chocolate

Wishing to strengthen his love of quality and confirm its respect for the environment and the work of producers, Valter Bovetti created in 2008 its organic range certified "Fair Trade".

It is made exclusively from a large chocolate Vintage Santo Domingo. She is certified Fair Trade / Fair Trade, in accordance with international standards controlled by Flo-Cert, which ensures a decent income for growers.

Valter Bovetti has chosen organic in the sense of a sustainable and healthy agriculture.

You can also find our Bio/Fair Trade products HERE !

Bovetti Pasta

Why Bovetti produces pasta?

When he was a child, Valter Bovetti learnt Italian cuisine, including pasta making, in the family restaurant. All Sundays long, he was helping his father in the kitchen rolling gnocchi, cutting ravioli, flouring tagliatelle & other pasta specialties cooked in the restaurant.

All ingredients are natural without any additive, artificial flavor or preservative.

The durum wheat is of premium quality and GMO free, the porcini mushrooms are real ones not aroma, basil and rosemary are fresh, Walnuts come exclusively from the Périgord area (Registered origin) & Cocoa comes from the best origins.

They are made the old way, i.e. with production & drying time much longer than usual. It gives a higher quality and highlights the nutritional values of pasta and also preserves the aromas.

Our Recipes

Photo Chicken fricassee with mushrooms and cacao pasta

4 people
Direction: 20 min
300g pasta cacao
300g diced chicken breasts
300g mushrooms
2 shallots
100g cream
1 clove garlic - 1 bunch of parsley
50g butter
salt - pepper - some crushed walnuts

Chop the shallots and sweat them in butter, add the diced chicken and cook 5 minutes.
Sauté the mushrooms over high heat for 3 minutes then mix them with the meat.
Meanwhile, boil water for pasta, cook 7-8 minutes.
Finally fricassee with cream, cook 5 minutes.
Drain the pasta and serve with fricassee, dotted with a few nuts and chopped parsley.
Serve hot .... Bon Appetite ...

Photo Prawns with orange and cacao pasta

For 6 people
Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 7 min
18 prawns
60 to 70g of pasta per person
1 orange juice
25 cl single cream
Whiskey or Cointreau
Salt and pepper

Fry the prawns in a pan with a little butter. Pepper.
Flambé the prawns with a little whiskey or Cointreau, then reduce the heat to low.
Squeeze an orange and pour the juice into the pan and add the liquid cream and stir to thicken the sauce. Keep warm. Meanwhile cook pasta cacao 7 minutes in salted water brought to a boil.
Serve the pasta accompaniment by adding a piece of salted butter.