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Our commitment to bio and ethics

With a passionate commitment for quality, respect for the enviroment and for the work of the producers who supply him, Valter Bovetti created his organic range, certified “Fair Trade” in 2008.
It is made exclusively from an exceptional “Grand Cru” chocolate from Santo Domingo. In accordance with international standards controlled by Flo-Cert, the fair trade certification ensures a decent income to cocoa growers. Valter Bovetti regularly visits the small plantations of Santo Domingo which provide the beans that enable him to make his great chocolates. Constant contact with growers keeps him in touch with the realities of the fair trade business.

The organic range made by Valter Bovetti meets is more and more popular with 23 chocolate bars, 5 kinds of spreads and mouldings for children ...

Valter Bovetti has chosen to produce organic chocolates to combine his professional ethics and his personal commitement to sustainable and healthy agriculture.


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Chocolate Bar

We produce a range of chocolate bars in dark or milk chocolate. A very high quality of organically, fairtrade cocoa with : Coffee from Ethiopia, Tea from Ceylan, Espelette chili pepper, Caramel and sea salt, Cinnamon, Ginger, Lavender flowers, candied Orange or Lemon, Banana, Coconut, Almond, Hazelnut, Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Pineapple…

All the bars come in a display box - A wooden display for 8 flavours and a cardboard display for 4 different 100g bars are also available.

New : big size 350g bars special for gift.
Bars are delivered in a display box of 10 units.

Because of their creative nature, all our models are protected by the laws of registered designs (OMPI).

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Véritable® Spread

Our spreads are unique and are made with wholesome ingredients and the singular flavour of hazelnuts and «real» chocolate pure cocoa butter.

BOVETTI's chocolate spread contains no vegetable fat such as palm oil.The “Véritable®” Spread comes in three flavours: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate caramel and “fleur de sel” with 40% of carefully selected hazelnuts from Italy.

New: chocolate spread with walnuts.

The chocolate spreads have been the subject of several national and international newspaper or magazine articles and rewards (SIAL Innovation) and have also been featured on French National TV channels in programs showing environmental damage from the consumption of palm oil and the ravages of its intensive cultivation.

Packing in glass cups of 200g or 350g and in buckets of 1Kg for restaurants.

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J’aime le chocolat chaud®

Chocolate hearts in 100% pure dark or milk “grand cru” organic and fair trade chocolate from Santo Domingo, to stir in a cup of hot milk. It only takes a minute to get a really rich chocolate and is fast, easy, fun and tasty!

They are sold in displays of 12 units.

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Bimbi® the chocolate molds

This concept was born in our Chocolate museum. At the end of the tour, all the
children make their own molding they bring back home. These small figures or
animals are sold in their original mold that kids can reuse and collect. A dozen
of models are available including some for Easter (rabbit, duck and chicken) or
Christmas (snowman, Santa Claus and Teddy bear). They are available in dark
and milk chocolate.

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The famous traditional Christmas dessert in Provence recreated by BOVETTI with these small very festive squares of chocolate covered with coloured and tasty dried fruits.
The “mendiants” arise from the tradition, originally religious, from 13 desserts of Provence. They were offers to the guests after the mass. The desserts were 13 as Jesus Christ and his12 apostles.

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Coated chocolates

A range of fruit: almonds, hazelnuts, candied orange or lemon, cranberries… coated in organic and fairtrade chocolate.
These items are packed in 120g cases or also in bulk in kilo bags to be repacked.